Introduction to Machine Learning

I don’t know exactly what started my interest in Machine Learning and AI in general, but it’s a topic that I monitor for a long time now. The vast amount of possibilities sparkle my creativity and I love to experiment with it. Especially now services from Google and Azure made it so simple to build cool stuff with it. But I am also interested in how things work, that’s why I love to dive deeper into the subject. And when I gain some knowledge, it’s always fun to share that knowledge with others. This blog is about an introduction to the topic Machine Learning I gave at my work. It was a small presentation just covering some of the basics, but just enough to get started with it.

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Fastest way making records unique in a huge PostgreSQL table

I am currently working on a project were we are collecting huge amount of data. Recently we discovered that millions of rows were not unique. Because we are using Machine Learning to find patterns in the data and to cluster it, these dublicate rows were polluting the results of the learning algoritme. Therefor we had to come up with a solution to remove all dublicates and prevent new dublicates in the future. Continue reading