URL Rewriting in EPiServer 6

Today I was working on a project that uses EPiServer version 6. As you probably know EPiServer 6 is still using webforms, not MVC. For SEO optimalisation we needed to rewrite incoming URL’s to make them uniform. For example all these URL’s should go to the same page


For SEO it is important that there is only one valid URL. Other URL’s should throw a statuscode 301 and redirect to the correct url. For this I needed to do some URL rewriting in EPiServer.

Normally you would start catching an incoming request in the Global.asax.cs file in this method:

Unfortunality EPiServer overrules this method and therefor its never fired. Instead we need to make a event handler by extending EPiServer functionality:

Now we can catch the request in the application_BeginRequest method. What I now want to do is:

  1. Get the raw URL that makes the request
  2. This is a SEO friendly url. Convert it to an internal url so we can get the pagereference.
  3. Get the pagereference from this internal url.
  4. Convert this internal url back to a user friendly url.

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