Install GitLab on a Debian 7 server with Apache


Its actually quite simple now with the latest version of GitLab. There are only a few pitfalls that you have to think of getting it working. Lets start right now!

First make sure you are logged in on your Debian server with root or sudo privileges.After that execute the following commands on your server:

This will download the Omnibus package and install everything. Make sure you run a 64bit Debian server otherwise this wont work! GitLab is only available as far as I know for 64bit versions of Debian.

Please make sure you are downloading the latest version of GitLab. For more info goto the official download page of GitLab.

After you downloaded GitLab open the GitLab configuration file with your favorite editor. For me that is VIM for now:

Now in this file the external_url is very important to get things working. On your server Apache is already running and I assume its listing already on port 80. GitLab uses an embedded version of Nginx which is also by default listing on port 80. If you want Nginx to use a different port just put your preferred port number in the url like this:

Finally to get it working reconfigure GitLab by running this command:

Now thats it. You should now be able to reach your server using port 9090.

Remember that firewall settings can still prevent you from loading GitLab on your server. So be sure you open all necessary ports.

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