Linux containers

Since a while I am experimenting with docker, setting up my own docker development environment, experimenting with containerizing apps and trying out kubernetes. It’s easy to get started with docker which makes it so much fun to play around with it. But as I said before I also like to know how things work. That’s why I got interested in the fundamentals of containers and tried to build my own without the use of docker but only with the help of the linux kernel.

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[Solved] Docker compose volume sharing issues

After years I am now migrating my development environment from vagrant to docker. I was always very pleased about the way vagrant worked but running a complete VM is a bit of overhead and beside that very resource consuming. It’s also less flexible, its more work to maintain for example. After reading about Linux Containers, how they work I got interested in Docker. Now I am working on my own docker development environment. While I am building such environment I experience sometimes difficulties, some easy to overcome and some harder. Today I had an issue with mounting volumes from my windows machine using docker compose. The problem was that the mount just didn’t work. So what is the problem?

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Help! My Synology NAS docker GUI won’t download any images anymore!

I really love my Synology NAS. But sometimes its not working completely as I expected. I have various docker containers running on my NAS and until now without any problems. But today I had an odd issue. Everytime I tried to pull the latest Gitlab CE image from the registry it started downloading but after a while is hangs and just dissapears from the list. First I thought it was my internet connection, or maybe my DNS settings. But nothing seem to work. Also not downloading other tags like specific versions. I only had the problem with the Gitlab CE image. All other images downloaded fine. Here is how I solved the issue…. Continue reading