Collection of Ionic / Android build errors and solutions

For me its always a struggle to get android sdk tools up and running on new systems. Especially if you use Ionic to build hybrid apps and Android Studio for building native android apps on the same system. In this blog I collect all the errors that I have encountered with solutions.

1. Compiling Ionic app

When I try to build my app and I run the command:
> Ionic run android
I get the following problem in windows.


The solution to this problem is very simple when you know how to solve it 🙂
Go to Start → Control Panel → System → Advanced system settings → advanced(tab) → Environment Variables → System Variables → New:
Next add a new system variable:
Value: -Xmx512M

For me these solutions worked. If this didn’t work for you please add your solution to the comment with a reference to the problem number.
Please feel free to add your own errors and solutions to the comments below. Thanks 🙂